Always Let Her Speak First


In recent years, office-bound urban men have adopted the accouterments of their free-range rural brethren: the beard, the flannel shirt, the work boot. To this list add the pocketknife.

Bernard Capulong,’s co-founder and editor in chief, said a pocketknife conveys ruggedness and lone-wolf competence in a society that is increasingly tech-centric and interconnected.

“There’s an aspect of masculinity and machismo,” said Mr. Capulong, who carries a pocketknife himself. “You can do everything on your own and you’re not helpless.”

Mr. Barker has several pocketknives of his own, including a Swiss army knife, but he isn’t new to owning one. As a photographer, he now finds many uses for it, like cutting tape or backdrop paper on set. “I pull out my knife more than I pull out my pen,” he said.

In the right hands, pocketknives can be more than fashion accessories.

“If I’m eating a steak in a restaurant and the knife isn’t sharp enough,” he said, “I’ll pull my knife out.

It’s a Jungle Out There? Carry a Pocketknife, ,New York Times,JUNE 9, 2015

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