Journey of Horror


Oh Christopher – what a riot he is [laughs]! In addition to working with him on Hitchcock, years later I also acted with him in a movie in Yugoslavia [Journey of Honor, 1992] – maybe we brought the hole civil war on [laughs]! The thing about Christopher was, he was a true eccentric (as I’ve said about a couple of other guys). I cast him in this part and I became fascinated with him : First of all, he knew the name of every English executioner from the fifteenth or sixteenth century on. Now, that is the weirdest hobby I have ever encountered – but it absolutely fit him like a skintight suit! There was an actor I knew back whn I was in Mercury with Orson, Martin gabel, and he knew the name of every winner of the Kentucky Derby since the first Kentucky Derby – he rattled’em off. Christopher could do that with the executioners of England! You see, this is why one loves the profession – you don’t find that in the grocery stores [laughs]!
Christopher also collected swords – great big swords – and also instruments of execution. And I believe he lived in an old brewery ! (He was married to Tuborg beer heiress.) Very strange man. He was not imaginative casting in the pictures that he made – I mean, he was Dracula ! And therefore when we were in Yugoslavia and acting, I was surprised to see him with health food grains and oats and corn flakes and stuff that he carried from England into Yugoslavia in little packets, so he could have them every morning with his breakfast. It all seemed so healthy and normal, I thought it was out of character ! He was very amusing and a very nice man…but there was something very dark about him too.

Interview with Norman Lloyd in I Was a Monster Movie Maker, Tom Weaver, 2001, p 170

The greatest thing about this movie is Sho Kosugi’s Engrish accent. The movie may lack nearly everything that makes a good movie, but makes up for it with some of the cheesiest lines ever, delivered by the coolest Engrish accent ever. And honestly, do you really want anything else? You could fast forward ‘Shogun Mayeda’ to the end, and replay Kosugi’s final line over and over. The tape will probably wear out before you get tired of that one line. Awesome. AwesomeWolf

『兜 KABUTO』 aka Journey of Honor

aka Shogun Mayeda aka Shogun Warrior (1992)

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