An Analysis of Parasytism’s Triumph

Hello Kemono by Dozeu


While depicting a battle between humans and parasites that invade human bodies, the live-action film “Kiseiju: Kanketsuhen” also presents us with philosophical themes regarding what kind of creatures we human beings are. “This time, I did my best to express the negative zeal felt by Shinichi [about being fated to live with] Migi, such as his responsibility, resentment and sorrow, throughout the films,” said Shota Sometani.

As a result of the parasites having spread, one of the monsters, Hirokawa (played by Kazuki Kitamura), becomes the mayor of a city called Higashi-Fukuyama. In response, the humans step up their operations to sweep away the parasites.

Meanwhile, one of the parasites, Tamiya (played by Eri Fukatsu), has given birth to a child fathered by a human. Tamiya, who aims to achieve coexistence between humans and parasites, tries to protect Shinichi, who coexists with Migi, from attacks by other parasites. “Please don’t be hard on us. Compared with human beings, which are powerful and dreadful creatures, we are so miserable and feeble,” Tamiya says in the film.

‘Kiseiju’: Invasive parasites prompt philosophical reflection on humanity, Yomiuri Shimbun, May 14, 2015

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