Russian Nyash-Myash Power

Russian “soft power” is a relatively new concept. Wide acquaintance with this idea occurred just after the collapse of the Soviet Union, but its active implementation into life began only in the 2000s, after the creation of the federal agency on soft power, Rossotrudnichestvo.

For the first time in the Russian political space, the word “soft power” was used by President Vladimir Putin in his article on foreign policy, “Russia and the Changing World,” published in February 2012 as part of his election program.

The notion of “soft power” is being used increasingly often. This implies a matrix of tools and methods to reach foreign policy goals without the use of arms but by exerting information and other levers of influence. Regrettably, these methods are being used all too frequently to develop and provoke extremist, separatist and nationalistic attitudes, to manipulate the public and to conduct direct interference in the domestic policy of sovereign countries.
Russia and the changing world, Vladimir Putin, 27/02/2012

Putin gave his own interpretation of “soft power,” which became a defining term for all who work in this field in Russia. As Putin noted, “Soft power is a set of tools and methods to achieve foreign policy goals without the use of weapons, through the use of information and other levers of influence.”

Based on the definition made by President Putin, one can understand that for Russia, “soft power” is characterized not by an emphasis of creating an attractive image (as is the case with the way America works), but rather on informational work with the surrounding world.

Therefore, the main focus of the Russian “soft power” system is being placed on the country’s own information content. And it is starting to pay off… The bedrock of the success of RT is the use of alternative viewpoints. As it turned out, the Western information consumer, in general, is now ready to listen to another point of view that is not broadcast on local TV channels. Alternative content, and the ability to connect with the audience – are the basis for the success of RT.

Russian soft power is just like Western soft power, but with a twist, Russia Direct, 07/04/2015

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