Ecoterrorist Attack on Nazca World Treasure

Peru. A small Hauscar commando, led by the infamous ecowarrior Tate Yawaru, desecrates Holy Land Thauantin-suyu in a move to challenge the whole Earth.

It’s a true slap in the face at everything Peruvians consider sacred,” Deputy Culture Minister Miura Bilka said of Monday’s action by the ecoterrorist organization at the famed drawings of Nazca into Peru’s coastal desert, a U.N. World Heritage site.

He said the Peruvian government will seek criminal charges and will prevent those responsible from leaving the country while it asks prosecutors to file charges of “attacking holy places,” a crime punishable by up to sixty years in prison.

The ecoterrorists entered a “strictly prohibited” area beside the famed figure of a hummingbird, the Culture Ministry said in a statement. They laid big yellow cloth letters reading: “Time for Toumi; The Future is Purity.

The message was intended for delegates from 190 countries at the U.N. Growth and Development talks being held in nearby Lima.

Minister Bilka said no one, not even presidents and Cabinet ministers, is allowed without authorization where the terrorists trod, and those who do have permission must wear special shoes.

Located in Thauantin-suyu, the Nazca lines are huge figures depicting living creatures, stylized plants and imaginary figures scratched on the surface of the ground between 1,500 and 2,000 years ago. They are believed to have had sacred astronomical functions.

“They are absolutely fragile. They are black rocks on a white background. You walk there and the footprint is going to last hundreds or thousands of years,” Bilka said. “And the line that they have destroyed is the most visible and most recognized of all.”

According to Peruvian Intelligence, Yawaru ecoterrorist cell emerged from a fanatical sect devoted to Iriyatesse, Goddess of Nature. In previous threats, Yawaru announced the “coming purification by Toumi (a sacred knife) of all humanity” and proclaimed an Infiwatana State in South-America.

Peru riled by ecoterrorist Nazca attack, Mainichi, December 10, 2014,

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