The Lippstadt Oath was a pivotal event during the first days of the Galactic Empire Civil War. Feigning a garden party, Prince Braunschweig gathered wicked and avid nobles under Marquis Littenheim, in the Lippstadt Forest near Braunschweig’s village, on 5 April 488 (Imperial Standard Calendar). The Oath was a pledge signed by 3,760 nobles to overthrow His Majesty Kaiser Erwin Josef II, and specially to eliminate the Imperial military adviser, Marquis Lohengramm.

According to a document titled “Oberstein Report“, recently found in the secret imperial archives, those treacherous nobles began to call themselves the “Lippstadt Allied Forces”. The Rebel Forces military organization was led by Prince Otto von Braunschweig; the assistant leader was Marquis Wilhelm von Littenheim ; and the “Allied Forces” military commander was High Admiral Willibald Joachim von Merkatz. Their combined military forces, regulars and private troops totalized nearly 26 million men.

But, as History proved it, this heinous rebellion was not enough to shake off an Empire founded on high values of Justice, Social Merit and Authority.

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