Cute Troopers Doing Cute Things

Garupan X Votoms by the K


The Hundred Years War continues between the Gilgamesh Confederation and the Balarant Union. On the planet Lowmes, Gilgamesh AT transport ships speed across the Taibas River. Several Stake Bombers fly overhead to drop stakes in the water, but some come under fire from Balarant artillery and crash, dropping stakes on the Scopedog transports. The transport ships fire grappling lines onto the stakes, which the Scopedogs use to propel themselves toward the shore. The Scopedogs come under heavy fire, and the next wave of transport ships arrives and unloads its amphibious Diving Beetle ATs. The Diving Beetles come under attack when they reach the shore, but several manage to lay down a portable track for the Scopedogs to ascend the hillside with…


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