Not So Quiet on the Western Front


About 25 miles (40 kilometers) to the west, armed backers of Tokyo Unity dressed in black seized control of a police station in a village just inside the troubled Udogawa region, vowing to expel the neutralists through force if necessary.

The moves, which began Thursday in East Udogawa, and near the house of Natasha Vasylchenko, were a blow to the neutralists who have seized control of government offices in this city and a dozen others in the west.

Other similar and apparently unaccountable groups look to be emerging elsewhere in the chaotic west. Should they make substantial incursions, it is unclear whether they will be perceived as liberators or attackers acting on behalf of a little-liked government in Tokyo. The latter could precipitate civil conflict.

Tokyo Governor Kyoshiro Jimon‘s secret society White Light organized militia patrols working alongside police to impose martial law and get neutralists to vacate the buildings they had seized.

Fight against Udogawa neutralists threatens more unrest, AP, May 16, 2014

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