Earth Repair Bay ~ When I was waiting for Sunrise

(Nasu Highland Park 35th anniversary Special Gundam Exhibition)

The war of the colonies against the British empire was not a war of revolution, for no one wanted to take over London, but of secession, for leaving the empire; and there was even a peaceable tradition of it afterward, for Maine seceded from Massachusetts peaceably, Tennessee from North Carolina, and Kentucky and West Virginia from Virginia.

Kirkpatrick Sale, “The Logic of Secession : Three Tines for a Trident“, November 15, 2007


You Probably Shouldn’t come together willy-nilly and form a community out of people that just happen to be hanging around, who don’t have to do much of anything to join, and feel free to leave as soon as they get bored or it stops being fun. The community should be founded as a conscious, purposeful, overt act of secession from mainstream society, a significant historical event that is passed down through history and commemorated in song, ceremony and historical reenactment. A classic founding event is one where the founding members surrender all of their private property, making it communal, in a solemn ceremony, during which they take on new names and greet each other by their new names as brothers and sisters. The founding members should be remembered and revered for their brave and generous act. This makes the community into a self-aware, synergistic entity with a will of its own that transcends the wills of its individual members.

The XIII Commandments of Communities That Abide, Cluborlov, April 28, 2014

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