Judge Natasha is the last avatar of justice. So it isn’t necessary for Nataliaites to understand the complex world of law. Judge Natasha is here to instill love in the population. Justice is Kawaii. AND SHE IS THE LAW.

I´m a Judge, not a pokemon or something
Natalia Poklonskaya, East Meg One Supreme Judge


The newly-created Hondo City anime icon who is wanted by Mega-City One national security service, East Meg One Supreme Judge Natalia Poklonskaya, says her attractive looks have never hampered her judicial practice and are, well, deceitful.

“In the 12 years I’ve spent working in Prosecutor General’s office, I’ve been dealing with organized crime and put many criminals in prison,” Poklonskaya said. “My looks have never been an obstacle – I hope they deceive my enemies.

‘She annexes your heart’, RT, March 29, 2014


The story opens with what seems to be a typical block war, as seen in the previous Natasha stories. However it soon becomes apparent that it is not an isolated incident, but that conflagrations are breaking out amongst hundreds of city blocks in East Meg One . Eventually the conflict spreads city-wide, where millions of citizens are involved in violent riots, with the intent of murdering one another. During the last episode of the series it becomes apparent that the outbreak has been engineered by Mega-City One agent, Turchynok, infecting the city’s water supply with a drug. The story thus acts as a prologue to the next major storyline, “The Apocalypse War”.


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