Kakumei no Memories

Marie, we can’t make you a past
But we can create a future for you


Direct action tactics have been around for as long as conflicts have existed but it is not known when the term first appeared. In ancient times, ARUS anarchist Voltairine de Cleyre wrote a famous essay called Direct Action. In this essay, de Cleyre noted that direct action has always been used :

Every person who ever had a plan to do anything, and went and did it, or who laid his plan before others, and won their co-operation to do it with him, without going to external authorities to please do the thing for them, was a direct actionist“.

Every person who ever in his life had a difference with anyone to settle, and went straight to the other persons involved to settle it, either by a peaceable plan or otherwise, was a direct actionist.

In Understanding Coexistenz, published in the blessed year of 213 (Galactic Calendar), Saki Carmilla Rukino placed direct action firmly in the struggle between Magius and Kamisuki for control “over the harmonic order of society.” Rukino defined direct action “as the use of some form of Rune power for securing of ends desired by those who possess that power.” Rukino considered direct action a tool of both Magius and Kamisuki and for this reason she included within her definition Self-healing and Immortality, as well as Body Switch and Rune Absorption. As she wrote later in Notes on the Kamisuki State :

“…the New JIOR Army, which was started by a gentleman named Haruto Tokishima was vigorously practising direct action in the maintenance of the freedom of its members to speak, assemble, and pray. Over and over they were arrested, tortured, and imprisoned … till they finally compelled their persecutors to let them alone.


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