Vermilion Our Bride ~ Jugular Wedding

Sinner by Fylus


The Shinkirō (蜃気楼, Mirage) is a unique eighth generation Knightmare constructed by Rakshata Chawla for Lelouch’s personal use. It possesses an integrated Float System for and can transform into a submarine to move underwater, which Lelouch uses to travel to and from Japan undetected. Its armor is primarily black and gold with a crimson four winged jetpack, and it has several unusual physical features. Its feet are not flat, instead consisting of four large toes, and its head has four eyes. Its cockpit is also much wider. In addition to the standard control yoke system, the Shinkirō has keyboard-based controls similar to those used on the Gawain.

The Shinkirō’s main feature is its Absolute Defense Field (絶対守護領域, Zettai Shugo Ryouiki, Absolute Protection Territory), a system which uses an array of hexagonal energy shields that can be projected over any part of the Knightmare. The Druid System, adapted from the Gawain, plots the trajectories of incoming projectiles and shifts the shields accordingly, giving the Shinkirō the highest defensive power of any Knightmare Frame. The system requires incredibly complex calculations to form effective barriers, such that it takes an intellect on the level of Lelouch to use the system to its full potential. When Rolo attempts to use it, he is only able to erect a meager defense with a number of weak spots. At its full potential, the Absolute Defense Field can block a sustained blast from the Mordred’s Stark Hadron Cannon, albeit at the cost of much of its power reserves. The Shinkirō must deactivate its shields in order to utilize its weapons.

The Shinkirō’s main weapon is a chest-mounted laser called the Structural Phase Transition Cannon (拡散構造相転移砲 Kakusan Kouzou Shou Teni Hou?). When activated, a prism-like object is fired from the Shinkirō’s chest. The Shinkirō then fires a powerful beam into the prism, which refracts the blast into dozens of devastating pinpoint lasers. The beam can be fired without launching the prism for a concentrated blast. The Shinkirō also has a pair of Hadron blasters mounted on the underside of its wrists which fire sphere-shaped blasts, rather than continuous beams of energy; it is no less destructive, being able to destroy a Knightmare in a single shot, and being able to do massive damage to MSV particle shielding or radiation barriers. The Shinkirō possesses Slash Harkens concealed within the knees, but the awkward positioning makes them difficult to use outside of Fortress Mode.


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