Our Love Is A Spiritual One

Washinomiya Shrine is said to be the Kanto region’s oldest grand shrine. Last month, the Hajisai festival, a traditional autumn event, was held. The festival’s main feature has long been a parade in which people carry the Sengan Mikoshi, the portable shrine weighing more than 3 tons.

After the sun set, event participants hoisted their “Raki Suta Mikoshi” and followed the Sengan Mikoshi as it paraded on the street in front of the shrine.

Their rallying calls were not the traditional “wasshoi!” nor “seiya!,” but “Konata! Konata!” and “Kagami! Kagami!”.When the parade started, the venue was engulfed in a feverish atmosphere as excited spectators began shouting with joy.

New Japan, Old Japan / Shrine attracts otaku pilgrims, Yomiuri Shimbun, September 21, 2013

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