Alive and Well !

Air Chief Marshal Dowding assisted by Wing Commander Wilcke during the press conference
(by Caporal Kanokoga/ BAF PR)

According to MAL HQ, Air Chief Marshal Hugh Dowding announced a next step in Earth Liberation from the grip of the apocalyptic alien technocult Neuroi, under the project name of “Operation Victory Arrow” (OVA). This joint-operation, if successful, will be followed by a massive attack on Neuroi hives called “Tactics of Vanadis” (TV). Details of those plans have yet to be communicated.

Air Chief Marshal Dowding

Born in Muffat and of Cornish ancestry, Hugh Dowding was educated in the Old Myths and soon manifested a keen interest in Ancient Knowledge. Not surprisingly, it was thanks to him that modern witchcraft was introduced into service before the Neuroi Invasion. Moreover Baron Dowding was one of the first witness of so-called “UFOs” in the sky of London, which were in fact Neuroi Recon Ships. Appointed commanding officer of the BAF Fighter Command, Dowding helped Dr. Miyafuji, (Father of Sergeant Miyafuji Yoshika), to develop the “Dowding-Miyafuji Witch System” for the air defense of Britannia using the newest magic technology. Known for being a passionate advocate of animal rights, Dowding is also credited with having fought the Air Ministry so that witches were equipped with the cutest uniforms adapted to theirs mimis and shipos.

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