Trap Is the Only Option Left


When the heroes consciously recognize a trap when they see one, but elect to walk into it anyway.

The reasons for this vary. Sometimes, it’s because one of the hero’s True Companions or a Love Interest is being held hostage, and the hero can’t turn his back on them. Sometimes it’s because the heroes need a lead to the villain’s plot and taking the bait is the only way. Perhaps the heroes have an idea of what’s in store for them, and the makings of a plan. Or maybe it’s just because the hero enjoys a challenge. In any case, the choice is made: trap or no trap, it’s their only chance.

It doesn’t always work. Sometimes it turns out there’s little discernible difference between having sprung the trap on purpose than in having walked into it accidentally. Heroes have walked into their doom in the invocation of this trope. But it can pay off. Two types of heroes have been especially known to succeed: The kind that can think like a Chessmaster and use some critical piece of knowledge of the plan to foil the villain’s aims while apparently “falling” into their trap, and the kind that is a master of thinking on their feet and making things up as they go along.

(TV Tropes)


Class D

Representative Genu Hiraga : The idiots from Class F have declared war on us. They’re targeting our facilities. We’ve gotta teach them that idiots only deserve crappy classrooms.

Class F

Representative Yuuji Sakamoto : Let’s start the strategy meeting.
– Strategy? Do we need to go that far ?
– We have Himeji with us so they’ll be a piece of cake.
– Himeji is as strong as a member of class A after all.
– You guys are too naive.

Class D

– Class E only lost because Mizuki Himeji’s existence took them by surprise. The same trick won’t work twice. Our classroom is located on the far end of the new building. And class F’s classroom is in the old building. The battlefield this time is larger so the troops won’t be as concentrated. We have the advantage here because our average is higher than theirs.

Class F

– If we have Himeji go solo, they’ll probably focus all of their attacks on her. She won’t be able to make it to their rep.
– Then what should we do ?
– We’ll blitzkrieg them. Our scouting forces will assault the enemy lines and make way for our main forces by opening up a hole in their defense. Himeji.
– Yes.
– You’ll charge to the enemy’s nest through that opening and take the head of class D’rep Genji Hiraga.
– Okay. We can’t win if we spread out our forces. We’re going to go all out ! No defense at all ! We’ll take them down before they have a chance to take us down! Offense is the best defense !

Class D

– They’ll concentrate on attacking us thus leaving their defense wide open. Sakamoto’s scores are the lowest of them all. Without any defense he’s as good as dead. We’ll crush them and teach them a lesson in the process !

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