The People That Time Forgot

Giant Dinosaurs ? Evil Secret Society ? Japanese Pacifists ? Those are the delicate ingredients of this summer bestseller : The People That Time Forgot ~ Requiem (『時に忘れられた人々~ レクイエム』) written by prolific author Eiichiro R. Okariru (Novel @ Minmei Publishing Company).

For most people on Planet Earth, it was common knowledge to think that the Great Asian War ended with the criminal atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Each year, thousand of pacifists gather around the world in commemoration of the innocent victims, in the name of SekaiSeigi, and for the Abolition of the Abomination, the great A-vil.

But 70 years after the tragedy, in some desolated places, the war still rages. For its inhabitants, vicious and primitive creatures believing in nothing but brutality, those peaceful events are a blasphemy : Some Gods just want to watch the world burn…

The People That Time Forgot ~ Requiem narrates the heroic adventure of three japanese pacifists, Taro, Shintaro and Noriko. Kidnapped during a fishing party, along the coast of Uotsuri-shima, by a mysterious german sub, our heroes will confront the monstruous dinosaurs of the devolutionary island Sinak.

But to survive, they will have first to ally themselves with Captain Seaman and his hostile crew….

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