A Modern Secret Is Told Again

You won’t find Genshiken on any maps
It’s easy to get to
But you can’t go by train, or plane, or car
You need a member card to get there from here
And you’re watching to that card this very minute, my friend
A golden card, with no expiration.

See, Genshiken exists partway between the heart and the mind
It’s that place in the soul where devotion dwells
And we’re here the point the way

Because devotion is groovy
Because it’s fun
And it’s necessary
And it lives inside you every second of every day

And you know what?
You need devotion
And we need to let you cosplay, because we’re your friends
And we want to see you happy, and healthy, and just a little bit girlish

So don’t hold back or hesitate
Sit back, smile, relax, and play
Everyone needs a passion
Everyone needs a model, even in plastic,
When you find something or someone to believe
It fills your heart with joy

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