With Great Power comes Great Irresponsibility

Of course, the bomb was the origin myth for my generation, in a sense the founder’s myth. We were already looking at World War II in the series in a different way, in relation to the US and the Soviets, but even so, the bomb is a founder’s myth because it gave us the right and the moral good to do whatever we wanted in the world. And we’d already shown we are tough—we’d already used it. Because we have the bomb we can do anything, except maybe drop it in cold blood without manufacturing enough evidence.

It’s like when we go into all these countries around the world because we “had to.” Go to Iraq and trash it completely—many of us know we did wrong there but then many forgive ourselves because, you know, we had the right!

Our leaders and the media always say, “Never again,” the weapon is too cruel, but then fully support the use of the bomb already—essentially making two exceptions to never using it. A rather mixed message.

An Interview With Oliver Stone : Why the U.S. Was Wrong to Drop Two Atomic Bombs on Japan, Greg Mitchell on August 5, 2013

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