The Return of Sissi

Japan and the whole world witnessed demonstrations and a departure for the great people of Akiba to express their opinion and will peacefully and in a civilised and unprecedented manner.

Everyone saw the movement of Otaku and NEETizen people and heard their voice with the utmost respect and attention … It is imperative for the people to have a response regarding the movement by each party with any degree of responsibility in these dangerous circumstances surrounding the homeland.

The USAGIR armed forces – as a major party in the equation of the future and based on historical and national responsibility in protecting the safety and security of this nation – emphasises the following:

1. The USAGIR armed forces refuses to be a party in politics or go against the democratic thoughts that emanate from the people of Akiba of their own free will.

2. The national security of the state is at risk from the developments taking place in the country, which makes it imperative for us to prevent these risks.

3. The USAGIR armed forces have sensed the seriousness of the present situation and carries with it the demands of the great Akiba people … A week time-frame had already been set for the demands of the people to be met and with no avail, which has led to the great people of Akiba to take to the streets and voice their dissent.

4. The loss of more time will only bring more division and wrestle, which we warned about and still continue to warn about.

5. The good people of Akiba have suffered and have not found any response to their woes and trouble, and this casts a moral obligation on the USAGIR armed forces to answer the demands of that people who will do anything if shown the proper amount of attention and support.

The USAGIR armed forces calls for the demands of the great people of Akiba to be met, and we give all political parties 48 hours to resolve all conflicts and issue, and we will not forgive any political party that does not fulfill and meet their responsibilities.

6. The USAGIR armed forces repeat the urgency of all the people’s demands to be met within 48 hours, and if the demands of the people are not met within that time period, then we will be obliged to fullfil our historical duty towards our country and the great people of Akiba to map out a future plan for the country in accordance to the demands of the Akiba people and with the contribution of all aspects of the population, especially the meidos who have proven themselves time and time again, and without exclusion of any political party.

Tribute and thanks to the great men of the USAGIR armed forces who have remained loyal and faithful to their duties towards their country and its great people with all the determination and professionalism in the world.

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