Cool Japan’s True Incarnation

Is it really okay for a 72-year-old to look this cool eating ice cream in front of a convenience store?” Twitter user Hiroo Mizuno asked followers on June 14.

The 72-year-old in question was neither a movie star nor a rock star. Rather, he was Rozen Aso, the world most powerful otaku, surrounded by body guards and chomping on an ice-cream bar in front of a Lawson’s convenience store.

Rozen Aso Gets Screams for Ice-Cream Style, Wall Street Journal, 18 June 2013

2 comments on “Cool Japan’s True Incarnation”

  1. Hm. I didn’t know Aso was still doing much in public these days, but then again I recall he is still an MP.

  2. Minister of FInance Aso = Otaku no Obasan .

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