Getting Rider of All Evils

The Final by Charlie


Six months prior to the series, Nyaruko was subjected among many others in a ritualistic sacrifice that created the Phantoms on the day of a solar eclipse. While many died giving birth to their Phantoms, Nyaruko managed to keep her Phantom Dragon from emerging by facing despair head on and as a result she obtained magical powers. Coming to after the eclipse ended, Nyaruko was attacked by one of the newly-born Phantoms until she was saved by the mysterious White Wizard who presented her with Koyomi, a Gate who also survived the ritual but lost her identity, the WizarDriver and the Flame Ring so that se can access his magic and track down the Phantoms as Kamen Rider Wizard. Motivated to give hope and save people from despair so no Phantom could ever be born again, Nyaruko sought out Shigeru Wajima to be supplied with more Wizard Rings to fight the Phantoms with.

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