Eiri Eira Arararagi-san !

“Well, girl, you may have bad luck, but you’re on the lucky side of bad luck. Araragi-kun here didn’t just meet his; he was attacked. And attacked by a vampire. Is there anything more embarrassing for modern man?”

Drop it.

Drop it now.

“You’re much better off than he was.”


“Because gods are everywhere. They’re everywhere, and nowhere. It was with you before your present condition arrived…but you could also say it wasn’t.”

“Is that some sort of Zen?”

“Shinto. Shugendo, specifically,” Oshino said. “You need to understand, girl. You didn’t wind up like this because of something else. You just changed your point of view.”

She was always like that.

Almost exactly what the doctors said, as they threw in the towel.

“My point of view? What are you trying to say?”

“I’m saying, you need to stop acting like a victim, girl,” Oshino snarled, sudden heat behind his words.

Hitagi Crab

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