Even Reindeer Need Their Santa

Christmas 2012 by Butterfly


Tsunemi : I think Gundam really taught me, a kindergarten child, about the merciless world of adults. I put an end to my life as a salaried worker of 15 years in April last year. I felt the world was just like Gundam [because it’s all about survival]. For example, some would say the mood of the current times resembles the mood experienced during a war.

Tsunemi : I wonder if that’s why we get a sense of reality from Mr. Tomino’s works.

The phrase “Kimi wa ikinobirukotoga dekiruka?” (Can you survive?), which was used when previews of coming Gundam episodes came on, really resonates with me. Salaried workers should watch the Gundam series again.

The Yomiuri Shimbun : Mr. Tsunemi, in your book, you compare 1 percent of society’s leaders to Gundam and 99 percent of the rest of the world to a mass-produced mobile suit. In that sense, is Mr. Tomino a Gundam?

Tomino/Fukui/Tsunemi : Ha ha ha!

Fukui : That’s right.

Tsunemi : No doubt.

Hero for all ages / Gundam afficionados discuss the series’ relevance today, Yomiuri, Aiko Komai / Yomiuri Shimbun, Mar. 1, 2013

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