MS-186H-CA ~ Operative Concept



(Slowpoke News Service) Via /m/, japanese automaker Totoya opened a new front in the global conflict by launching the MS-186H-CA, its Auris New Type. This 3XCarrier Model will be mass-produced by the end of the year 2013. On January 9th, during a secret conference hold in Odaiba Island, in presence of Lieutenant Shuichi Ikeda, assisted by Officer Numacchi, Toyota and heavy industry Zeon Society (ジオニック社) detailed the joint-operation Zeonic Toyota (ジオニックトヨタ) preparing for future campaigns.


トヨタ、シャア専用オーリスを発売へ…ジオンと新会社設立, Response, 2013-01-09
Shuichi Ikeda and Numacchi appear at the Zeonic Toyota press conference!,, 2013-01-12
シャア専用オーリス誕生の舞台裏 仕掛け人に聞く, AnimeAnime, 2013-01-16
Zeonic Toyota Website

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