The day PSY killed K-Pop


(Slowpoke News Service) Oh, the delicious irony ! So it appears, according to some honest Korean citizens, that Gangnam Style’s singer was a former anti-american agitator calling for the systematic murder of american families.


But yet most delicious, the fact that PSY performed his song (last Nov 22) on the NBC’s “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno among US Servicemen, in their honour.(here the video). The military were so delighted by such an honorable presence (ROFL)


Prior to the show, Jay posed with the military groups and photos were taken. My daugher is a commander of the Fullerton Recruiting Unit and I was wondering how one got to see or obtain those photos?My daughter and her soldiers were delighted to be treated so well and many people don’t know that all the military were treated to dinner as well. Kudos to Jay and Brad who was so supportive and humble in front of the soldiers!Thank you , Jay!

daphenkcole @ 11/25/2012 4:18pm ET


Before the scandal, PSY song was already a big hit among US troops all over the world. From West Point, the United States Naval Academy, Afghanistan, to Camp Casey in South Korea, all those cool geniuses were dancing for the glory of PSY (ROFL). (video here, here, here, here and here). Obviously, PSY won by far the 2012 World Golden Troll Prize.


Oh, the divine irony ! With more than 900 million of views on (US) YouTube – the most watched video on YT -, Gangman style is now an historical worldwide phenomenon ; in less than few months PSY obtained the position of K-Pop world ambassador. A sort of UN’s Ban Ki-moon of World Pop Music.


And thanks to this gentleman, K-Pop became, all around the world, in just one day, the synonym of hatred, violence, intolerance and fanatism. As they said, “Falling hurts least those who fly low”.

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