Veni Vidi Vici ~ Dai Pantsu Battle

via /m/ & MAL News Service, Director Mizushima declared on Twitter his will to quell by force the “Pantsu Rebellion” and suppress the “Resistance” agitators or “Panchizan” as they called themselves. Director Mizushima notably wrote “I’m gonna be the Storm of Purification.” (“粛正の嵐にしてやるです”)

While this ultraminority of /a/ctivists are trying to subvert the noble culture of Sensha-dō, a successful mass event, with more than 60 000 participants, was organized in the tsunami-devastated city of Oarai, Ibaraki-ken, to support and celebrate the lovely, lively, and vibrant rural tradition dedicated to the grace and dignity of young women. During the “2012 Oarai Garupan-Ankou Festival“, seichi junrei pilgrims could assist to various garupan devotions, under the vigilant watch, from the Oarai Marine Tower, of their guardian angels.

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