World Pocky Love

Niso Niso by Mamu

There is one special day, though, where Pocky (supposedly) reigns as king of the snack world, and that day is “Pocky Day,” which lands on November 11 (11-11) because that date consists of a bunch of ones, which are, of course, shaped like Pocky. On 11-11 (Pocky Day) you are supposed to buy lots and lots of Pocky, or something, because that’s just what people do… or, that’s what the “It’s Pocky Day!” commercials suggest.

Happy Pocky Day 2012!,

The pocky game is a game played with a Japanese confection. Pocky is like a cracker or cookie stick dipped in chocolate or strawberry coating. Each person bites an end of the pocky stick and eats towards the middle. Either they try to get as close as possible to each other without touching, or they make-out when they get to the middle.

The Glico-Morinaga case was a famous kidnapping and extortion case in 1980s Japan, primarily directed at the Japanese industrial confectioneries Ezaki Glico and Morinaga, and currently remains unsolved. The entire case spanned 17 months from the initial kidnapping of the president of Glico to the last known communication from the prime suspect, a person or group known only as the “The Monster with 21 Faces“. The name was taken from the villain of Edogawa Rampo‘s detective novels. Unable to capture the suspect believed to be the mastermind behind The Monster with 21 Faces, the police superintendent Yamamoto of Shiga Prefecture committed suicide by self-immolation in August 1985.

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