Ishi no Chikara no Shouri

Incarnate System

A technique that allows a Burst Linker to attain special abilities beyond their avatar’s base capabilities by slightly bending the properties of the accelerated world’s environment to his/her will through mental conditioning. It is a special feature known only by a few Burst Linkers (including the Legion Masters). Incarnate abilities can be deployed at any time regardless of the special move gauge, and are divided into four categories: ranged attacks, melee attacks, increased speed, and enhanced defense. The types of incarnate abilities a Burst Linker can obtain depend on the properties of his/her avatar, which are determined by the mental scars a Burst Linker possesses. The technique is kept a secret between Legion Masters because it can eventually cause the Linker to lose its sense of self, and eventually leads to the birth of Chrome Disasters.

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