Captain Harlock 2012 Movie TRAILER

Captain Harlock by Shotamaki

Captain Harlock 2012 Movie TRAILER
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Can’t wait for 2012 !

Space Pirate Captain Harlock 2012

Toei Animation is making two CG anime works, with 3D animation techniques, in 2011. One of the titles is Space Pirate Captain Harlock with a production budget of several tens of millions of U.S. dollar. Toei Animation is planning to release these works theatrically in Europe, North America, Asia, and elsewhere in 2012 or later.

8 comments on “Captain Harlock 2012 Movie TRAILER”

  1. sugoi *O*

  2. 🙂

  3. O_O’

  4. Brave the Darkness or walk the Plank? that’s rather lame Harlock saying that seeing since his entire family hails from Sky Pirates from Germany and not a bunch of Boat Pirates from the carribean. I really hope they get this movie right and not make a complete mess of it.. I really don’t like what the Arcadia looks like and those troops coming of the Arcadia wtf!? Everything else is just fine.. altho I could do without the terrible english dubbing.

  5. Please let this be mentioned at COMICON! :)))))

  6. Come one there should be another anime movie with Yamato and Arcadia fighting together, they are sister ships and should be fighting together

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