Rumoi Moekko Furi Kippu

Ayumi Toyosaki and Miruka Minamisawa

Moe Bus Ticket/Moekko Furi Kippu

New local bus passes in Hokkaido featuring manga images of pretty girl characters have become a minor hit nationwide.

The special passes, named Moekko Furi Kippu (Moekko Free Pass), are issued by Engan Bus Co. based in Haborocho, Hokkaido, which runs buses in northern Hokkaido, including a route between Rumoi and Toyotomicho.

The idea of Moekko Free Pass was to attract tourists to use the bus route and extricate the company from its unfavorable situation. To attract the tourists, the company tried to generate a playful idea, the bus company said.

Hokkaido bus pass with manga girls a nationwide hit, Yomiuri Shimbun, May. 9, 2009

Ayumi Toyosaki : She is an 19-year-old bus tour guide.
Miruka Minamisawa : She is an 18-year-old girl living on a cattle ranch who loves sweets.

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