Celebrating Youth!

Galaxy Express 999 Space Train Mural

The 12.7×2.8 meter mural featuring the Galaxy Express 999 steam locomotive-type space train was unveiled at Oizumi Gakuen Station of Seibu Railway Co at Tokyo’s Nerima Ward.

Celebrating Youth

“The Express 999 is a train embodying the youth of everybody. I created this (mural) showing a train that keeps traveling, instead of arriving at a terminal,” said Matsumoto.

Nerima Ward

Nerima Ward is known as the birthplace of Japanese animated films as the country’s first long color animated film was produced at a local studio in 1958 and a number of animation studios are still located in the area, including Mushi Production Co., which was set up by the late manga giant Osamu Tezuka.

Legendary anime Galaxy Express 999 mural put up at Tokyo station, Kyodo, March 22, 2009

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