Axis Powers Hetalia ~ Korea Declares War on Otakudom over Anime Dispute

Terrorist Korean Speech

At a diplomacy council of South Korean Congress, congresswoman Jeong Mi-Kyeong stated that Japanese animation Hetalia was considered to be a crime.

01/25/2009 English translation added. Thanks, Anon.

At a diplomacy council of South Korean Congress, a congresswoman Jeong Mi-Kyeong stated that Japanese animation Hetalia was considered to be a crime on a private level.
A: ruling party legislator B: foreign ministry official
A: Have you ever heard a Japanese anime Hetalia?
B: Yes, I have.
A: Do you know what the anime is?
B: I’ve heard some media say it is insulting S.Korea.
A: Hetalia is a comedy manga in WWII-era setting in which the countries are represented by anthropomorphic characters. In this manga, the Korean character is supremely looked down. He loves the national flag of Japan and always keeps it. He depends on the US and always imitates Japan. Moreover, He calls China big brother. He always shouts “uri(our) nara(country) manse(great )”. He always insists everything belong to him. He touches Japan’s breast and shouts”your breast represents Dokdo!(a disputed island)”. I’m worried some people mistakenly think that Koreans are looking down Dokdo ourselves. Netizens in our country have already collected 10,000 signatures in a short period of time to pull Hetalia insulting Korean race off the air. The problem is Hetalia is going to be aired on a cable TV station from the 24th of this month and Japanese children will watch this anime. This is a big problem. In my view, Japan is insulting Korea, actually, this is a diplomatic problem between Korea and Japan. Some people strongly insist that we must make Hetalia a diplomatic issue and friction, I’m sure it is important that our government should take some measures. You don’t have to stir up this problem. But, Don’t stay on the sidelines. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and trade(MOFAT) have to take measures against this problem in all kinds of different ways. What measures are you trying to take?
B: I’m aware of the problem, but I guess there is not much i can do because the matter is caused by a private company not by Japanese government. However, It is the fact that this manga have a bad reputation, so I’ll consider what we MOFAT can do.
A: I think this is a crime against Koreans. In other word, in person to person relations, isn’t this problem the same as a crime, a contempt? Then this is a illegal and insulting act. We have to force them to understand those points. “the problem is not related to Japanese government, so MOFAT is not related to it.” This is not a good atitude. I think Korean citizens have to prepare to draft a law against this problem. I know there are limits to what you can do. It is important to consider what we should do about this problem on a private level.

Terrorist Korean Propaganda

A Korean newscaster is reporting Hetalia problem. She refers to Hetalia as a Japanese right-wing Manga.
She looks kind of angry.


Terrorist Korean Attack


Hetalia Yaoi Fanbase left in despair

Reaction in China: OMFG, how cute. China X Russia FTW
Reaction in Korea: If Japan does not cancel this, we are gonna do a terrorist attack

Why such a difference? I hope a 2c hacker puts some Hetalia images in the site of the Korean diet.

Anonymous 01/16/09(Fri)08:44 No.18037728


This is horrible! Mad

Probably the only anime and joy in life that I was really looking forward to in the upcoming season. *RAGE*

CatzCradle Thu Jan 15, 2009 10:36 pm

Man. This makes me sick. Censorship simply INFURIATES ME. I hate it when people tell me what I can see and what I cannot see. I can decide that for myself thank you very much. I also hate it when people get up in arms over tiny things like these. People need to learn to “take it easy.”

“BIG FAT HITS” is right.
Just because of this, I am going to watch it. A lot of it too.

W-General Fri Jan 16, 2009 12:17 am

This pisses me off so much. And if its because of the Korea thing…what the HELL. Why do they get to decide what airs in another country?! Makes me sick…this was the anime I was most looking forward to out of any other premier. Some people just like to rain all over people’s fun I guess.

championferret Fri Jan 16, 2009 12:41 am

Hetalia fuck yeah the biggest anime troll ever

Anonymous 01/16/09(Fri)09:05 No.18038083

29 comments on “Axis Powers Hetalia ~ Korea Declares War on Otakudom over Anime Dispute”

  1. Oh God, this makes me sad. ;~; All the racist comments on those videos…

    I don’t think that Korea was in the right, but really, the blatant racism…going too far…

  2. I agree. Korean xenophobia against Japan is going too far in stupidity. Serioulsy….it’s just an anime.

  3. Yes, all the right-wingers in Japan love BL manga Hetalia… Jesus, those people need to get real.

  4. It’s not the Koreans who decided that Hetaria should be taken off the air. The TV station decided to do that on their own. Anyone has a right to protest offensive materials.

  5. You two give a great show of pure cowardice, bold insolence and twisted ignorance right here! Especially by abusing the evergreen ‘Germans-Jews’ argument! (Oh noes! Anyone who says something against that must be a nazi!)

    Accept the facts, the world is not centered around Korea and Hetalia is not Japanese propaganda. It’s a gag manga, a parody of A LOT of countries. If anything, the Japanese make fun of themselves, Korea is not in a position to complain.

    You two seem to agree with your beloved Great National Party. Nothing can stand in the way of political correctness, right? Comedy isn’t allowed at the expense of anyone with the slightest inferiority complex, right?

    It is the truth, anyone has the right to protest. However, South-Korea doesn’t think so, just look up: Minerva. This double standard is the height of cowardly populism. Instead of showing some pride, instead of acting like an adult, South-Korea(ns) is (are) behaving like a child. A child who has never been able to be as succesful as its classmates and therefore knows nothing better than to cry like a baby.

    I’m from Europe, I have heritage from a few countries in Hetalia, and I don’t care. If anything, I feel the creators set a good example by taking away the shadow of post-war angst that has enveloped our nations for decades.

    If you can’t stomach it, Koreans, try doing something constructive for once, in stead of whining and relying on the USA!

  6. Hi Luther, Hi Tjohakn.

    Caution : Racist Anti-japanese propaganda and Disinformation will not be tolerated here.

    Fact One. Hetalia is a funny yaoi manga. It’s not offensive. People who pretend it’s offensive (and specially for Korea) have never read it. (Relax, you need more Caramelldansen)

    Fact Two. Hetalia TV Run was canceled after the terrorist declaration of Koreans Extremists by threat of Murder.
    (その代わりキッズの放送が危険らしい。韓国名無しの命を盾にした「放送中止しないと回り巻き込んで死ぬぞ」メールの対応で : they received the blackmail from Korean that “Even if you don’t stop broadcasting Hetaria,I will kill someone” )

    Fact Three. Anyone has a right to protest offensive materials, YES. But Whining about a Humorous Foreign TV Show is not a proof of Intelligence and Cultural Diversity Tolerance.

    Fact Four. Jewish people have a lot of humour. Please don’t use anti-semitic cliche to make your point.(And please, learn Godwin’s law)

    Fact Five. Hetalia Revolution will be Animated, even if you don’t like it.

  7. Please visit and view the site below to see the KOREAN double standard.

  8. And do you guys know? Paku Romi, one of the seiyuu from Hetalia is Korean?! She didn’t against it at all!!!! I’ve been waiting for this thing for so long and now my hope is all gon because of this!!! Thank you Korean people!!!

  9. I agree with Charz!!!Geez!!I’m mad!!!!And what the heck is KarmaII game about? So retarded!!(Sorry for my language, but I really hate this).

  10. Hi Mayu-chan, Nice point.

    Paku Romi is the proof that it’s only korean weaboos who are to be blamed.(not all Koreans)

  11. I really don’t like the fact they did this I was looking forward to watch i got to watch like 5 min of the 1 ep. and it made me feel really bad that they canceled it I’ve also heard that demark was against it too because it had the Isamic Prophet on it i just want to state that i am muslin and this statement it not true cause i’ve read the manga like about 2 time alreally if anyone thing other wise plz do email me and there also a petition going on about continuing the anime

  12. OMG+WTF, look what you’ve done Korea! How narrow-minded are they!

    It’s just animation, and a good one!!

    Axis Power Rocks!!




    “Even if you don’t stop broadcasting Hetaria,I will kill someone”

    It means:
    “IF you don’t stop the broadcasting of this program, you’ll involve people around you and there will be death of people.”

  14. Accidental death may be ? Don’t make me laugh with your disinformation label, YOU TERRORIST !

  15. well its just an anime.. dont take it seriously. mad TV makes fun with there own president in usa. its not like its real… well. just my opinion.

  16. Exactly spectatorguy, it’s just an anime.

    It’ sad to see people, unable to dissociate fiction from reality, sending threats .

  17. Why are we so surprised that Korea is making a fuss over this? You don’t know the half of the whining and censorship until you come to live in Japan for awhile and watch the news.

    NS : Please, spare us you antijapanese rant. Living in Japan is not the most appropriate method for judging Korean Hysteria over Hetalia. Lulz….

    And I repeated : Racist Anti-japanese propaganda and Disinformation will not be tolerated here.

  18. >.> sorry but most of all you people are acting out of hand. in my point of view yes i believe Korea did act a bit out of hand. but you know what, THEY PROTESTED in a harm-free manner (did they kill anyone? huh?) are you getting mad about it? they didn’t like it, so they protested, and also they could have read it like how i read it, TRANSLATIONS. the tv station is the one who decided to change it, they weren’t forced too, (EX) Just like when i saw on the news on the internet, that Japan made a game to teach men how to rape women, i was downright offended that they would do something like that, and i wanted that game burned! why because i’m a woman and i didn’t like how they were putting women down, and promoting rape upon women, getting to my point of, i didn’t like how they showed women like how some Koreans didn’t like how they were shown. i am half korean, i love Hetalia, i watch it, read it, and i love the yaoi pairings in it, I DO NOT mind how they showed Korea since i know it’s all jokes but some of it did offend me, but i honestly didn’t care, and continued to love it, i wish he was in the anime but oh well. but all the people who are like ‘your stupid korea’ is showing the simple minded people who AREN’T trying to understand how some Koreans feel. it’s kindda like how the jews felt, when they saw horrible things about them on paper. and how the nazis didn’t care, it’s kindda what’s going on right now, how Koreans feel on how they are shown and how what ever nationality you are doesn’t care. but Read up the history between Japan and Korea, you’ll learn a lot!

    First of all, Korea’s outfit is NOT represented correctly, i’ve noticed that it was indeed wrong. A BIG ONE IS Korea did not get Independence on May 1st, it was actually August 15th. Koreans DO NOT carry around the Japanese flags, or shred it since they would be arrested since the government DOES NOT ALLOW IT. Also since it’s WW1 to WW2 they don’t like how they showed Japan already ‘up to date’ (i can’t think of the word XD) and Korea is not, when it wasn’t that far behind. Koreans have HUGE pride in their country, just like how some races have pride in their race, are you saying they can’t? and since the show misinterprets Korea and some of it’s history, they were kinda worried of what the children would grow up learning from the show. YES some of them are JOKES that ADULTS would know, but children would not! and also this goes back to what i said READ THE HISTORY BETWEEN KOREA AND JAPAN! Japan did a LOT OF SHIT to Korea, so it’s hard to let that go, like the Jews still do not like Nazis, for what the nazis did, Japan did a lot of horrible things, that you all probably do not know about. Korea isn’t bashing Japan and bringing what Japan did to them in the past, to the present, they are getting passed it, they like the culture and all that, but they DO NOT love Japan, like how they are shown. also Korea does not brag that they own everything, it lowers how people view Korea based on it shows ‘Koreans act like children’, and also they are mad about how it shows that ONLY Korea copies,when that is a lie! and also Korea doesn’t want to be owned by anyone, and was attacked often in the past. Korea was not best friends with China. sorry i made this extremely long, but i’m just saying look into something before you put your opinion in something. and also all the shit Japan did in ww2 to Korea can say a lot as well.

    can you honestly say they didn’t have a right to be mad? also even if they did get violent, so did a lot of other protests. everyone is over reacting, yes it’s a show, but a show that shows WRONGLY of some of it’s history and concept, yes most of it is right, but not all. so try to understand why they are mad. when i first watched hetalia i thought it was a cute way to show history and you learn from it, but now i know i can’t trust everything i learn from it. it’s only done by a guy, and he’s not a history major (or so i believe) so it can only be expected of some to be wrong. so you can hate me, or like me, i don’t care. but this is some of the reasons why Korea didn’t want Korea to be in the show. so i hope i was able to help some of you understand why. ^o^ in my point of view Korea DOES have the reason to want it to be canceled, but i could have sworn, it would have been Italy or something lol XD, but it wasn’t.

    SO CHARZ BEFORE YOU START SAYING RACIST THINGS AGAINST KOREA DO SOME RESEARCH! you seem to pull words out of your ass, since most of what yous say is indeed SHIT! your not Korean (i know since you know NOTHING about Korea) so stop acting like you know anything on how they feel, or WHY they didn’t like it! i gave reasons and if you still say that’s not a reason, then your mom must have been trash and couldn’t afford to send you to school to learn about manners, understandings, and none the less HISTORY! you seem to love to misinform people on shit you don’t even know. if i hurt your feelings sorry but you had it coming for saying unintelligent things. also NOT ALL Koreans are against Hetalia so stop acting like all Koreans are. Dear God, most of all of you people who are saying that Korea is narrow minded is showing that YOUR the one who is, for not even looking into it! mainly you Charz! maybe your the terrorist who doesn’t respect others countries, since that’s what most terrorists are known for, they want to get rid of a country because they don’t like how they live or their views, just a thought. please stop pulling your words out of your ass, it’s annoying reading all of your shit you post up. please grow up!

    but other than my message to Charz i hope everyone has a nice day, or evening, or whenever you read my long message ^o^. with much of my hope, i hope i taught some of you people who are reading this something, and showed you some of the reasons why they were mad. in all hopes, i hope you can understand WHY they did it, even if you do not like that they did, as long as you understand why they did it, you can fully state your opinion on what you think, since you understand both sides. since it’s a very unintelligent decision to barge into a argument without understanding both sides. THE TRUTH of both sides, yes this one will be a bit hard but all you can do is notice all the false things Korea has in the manga. but you CAN still say you don’t approve of Koreas actions, (i’m not forcing you to be 100% okay with everything, since it’s your opinion and thoughts) but i hope you can understand and accept the reasons of why. it’s like the womens right movement, they didn’t how they were treated so they petitioned against it, Korea didn’t like how they were being shown so they petitioned it. they DIDN’T force it, they petitioned it! so in all honesty once again THE TV STATION was the one who canceled it, Korea didn’t Force them! but everyone have a nice day, or night ^o^. Hope you all learned something. but please don’t feel like i’m forcing you to change your opinion, if you do, i’m glade but if you don’t i understand, it is what YOU believe in. for me it is nighttime so i am off to bed. .> just so you all know, and if there are spelling errors, i don’t feel like checking… xAx haha lol>

  19. hey i agree kinda with both sides XD

    i can understand koreans getting mad, i mean lets face it Korea was made to be probably the more annoying and obnoxious characters. and he has that erotics thing and the origination thing too.

    at the same time i really liked koreas character and i was kinda dissapointed taht they got upset, but hey you can still watch it so why get so but hurt?

  20. I want to see Korea in the anime… just take it easy, it’s just an anime….
    and every country is being parodied and gagged, so why it’s just Koreans against hetalia? I won’t be mad whatever the story tells, since it’s just a mere story…

  21. wait…so…does that mean….they wont have korea character or that scene in anime??!!…eehhh??!!!

    i dunno if its cause i’ve lived most of my whole life in america but i’m korean…and i think that adorably funny roflmao -or im just strange like that lol. but rlly… that makes me sad..why cant we all just get alonggg!!???? arrghh

    i don’t rlly know much about the korean character (since i cant find rest of hetalia ep. or manga) but i think i would totally do that if i was korea roflmao…
    aw..and i was gettin hyped up that there’s a korea character..

  22. the koreans are so stupid for doing that <<;;

    i mean the BIGGEST "insult" or how they wanna put it is hetalia the name itself (hetare= useless; italia) and italy does not care.

    i think the koreans are only arrogant and search a reason to crush japan, also bcause of their long histility for each other (especially koreans hate japaneses).
    i am not frm japan nor frm korea, i can understand that koreans are mad but gosh, look at the character france <<; south korea only wants to be in the spotlight or deepen the hate between japaneses and koreans

  23. and please dont put the jews in that. it was hard enough what they went through and they dont need to be compared to such a thing << (no im NOZ jew but still dont you think it is shameless, to come up with ww2?)

  24. What is this??? I am shocked that this happened. I know and understand kids can’t and won’t see this but for us who have an oblivious idea of everything!.. Korea is soooo cool and he gets canceled like that?! I’m korean and I’m all up for seeing him. When he’s not there, then the whole wwii story goes away. All those things that Korea is, they’re all gags!!!!! I mean come on! German is all about this uptight rules dude and France is an over H**** dude and none of the guys say: OMG, you suck! We’re being teased and mocked as a nation!

    Korea is being so uptight! The next thing you know, they’ll turn com and then it’s all hell! I want them to not look at this gag anime as they say as a threat but a way to laugh at ourselves! I mean come on! This anime is like a roast to celebrate how the world is like and Korea has no thick skin to even take it as it is! They suck!

  25. Well, after careful analysis, reading a bit of what everyone had to say and watching the news footage (i dont speak korean, but as far as i can tell, this being on their news channel makes this seem like a really big deal to them) and of course watching(and wanting to watch more of) hetalia, i have to say that we’re all just individuals in this, right? i mean, let’s “personify” all the different parties that are involved in this:
    The Offended(calm): Due apparent incorrectness of korea’s representation, which goes beyond just the personality of the korea’s bishie, The Offended wants to protest and get this off the air, whether its because its giving them a bad name or misinforming younger viewers, and because, well they are offended. The offended is also often mistaken, or more so treated as his brother; The Offended(not-so-calm)
    The offended(not so calm): For same reasons as his brother, Not-so-calm has decided to trash hetalia in a blind rage, and there is controversy over a couple threats of violence that were conditioned to follow the failure to stop airing hetalia. Right now, Not-so-calm is being bombarded with complaints, flames and racist comments from The Ignorant, The Arrogant and The Apathetic (AKA the three musketeers of internet hell) and is quietly hated by hardcore, victimized, Hetalia Fans (who dont like the trio all that much either)

    Now, in this situation, information is flying( which means LIES are swimming around into there too) insult, complaints, rumors, threats, curses, and ultimately hate has been born on this incident. (which, in my is a tradjedy considering the nature of the show itself) When in reality, the beef is not between everyone whos ever seen hetalia(or read, if involves the korea character) its between those that offended in korea, those that are in charge of this situation in korea, multiple broadcast companies and Hidekaz Himaruya.
    so while we’re all debating, shooting down opinions and offering up new ones, the only good its going to serve is publicity.
    i dont know how this could offend someone (unless my facts were wrong >_<"" *gulp*) but if it did, im sincerely sorry. not the kind of sorry other people would in order to save face, but sorry to have tainted something in your eyes.

  26. I’m Korean and I love Hetalia. Please, don’t hate Koreans. Not all Koreans hate Hetalia, I think it’s genius. Maybe the government didn’t bother to actually READ the series carefully. They’ll obviously see that Korea is a very comical and lovable character. Everyone is Korea’s angry because they just saw the news and the GOVERNMENT (who didn’t READ the series properly) is talking about Hetalia.

  27. I think Koreans overreacted.

    I mean, come on! It’s just comedy!

    If someone has the right to get angry is Italy XD

    and I’m Italian. but I love Hetalia anyway!! ^__^

  28. […] this particular reputation. And Korea, despite being only one of the many, many countries spoofed, kicked up a storm about it, calling for the cancellation of the anime version. This copy-cat calling doesn’t really help […]

  29. […] you glimpse around the internet, however, you come across post after post and forum after forum of people complaining that the show is “offensive” or […]

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