Beating out the dust ~ Susuharai Tradition

Susuharai ~Edo Period


->Japan gears up for New Year, Mainichi Japan, December 20, 2008
-> Susuharai at Higashi Honganji in Kyoto, December 22, 2008


Susu-harai (煤払い house cleaning) is a ritual cleaning ceremony. Priests and parishioners beat the dust out of the tatami in the large halls to prepare for the New Year.

The idea is the stains, physical and spiritual, of the past year are cleaned or rubbed and the home is purified to prepare for the coming year.

The Japanese New Year, AC, Cassandra Goduti, January 11, 2007

2 comments on “Beating out the dust ~ Susuharai Tradition”

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  2. […] des prémices est un grand nettoyage de sa maison (j’ai lu que ce grand ménage se nommait Susuharai mais aussi Ôsôji) les derniers jours de décembre, destiné à annihiler ce qui reste de […]

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