Chirico Quality of Life

By: Charz

Nov 16 2008

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Category: Codex, Votoms

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Quality of life

Quality of life is the degree of well-being felt by an individual or group of people.

Unlike standard of living, quality of life is not a tangible thing, and so cannot be measured directly. It consists of two components: physical and psychological. The physical aspect includes things such as health, diet, and protection against pain and disease. The psychological aspect includes stress, worry, pleasure and other positive or negative emotional states.

Quality of Life is tied to perception of ‘meaning’. The quest for meaning is central to the human condition, and we are brought in touch with a sense of meaning when we reflect on that which we have created, loved, believed in or left as a legacy.

Frankl VE, ‘Man’s search for meaning’, 1963.

Excellent Health, No Stress, Reachable Goals, Chirico enjoys a certain quality of life.

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