Shirley Fenette Death Case

Ali “Rolo” Al-Saachez was on crime scene but there is still nothing proving his culpability.

10 comments on “Shirley Fenette Death Case”

  1. I was shocked. My Shirley…

  2. The murder of innocent young women is particularly revolting. Shirley Death is clearly the big criminal case of the week. I hope Britannia Scotland Yard will not conclude that an accident or a suicide occurred.

  3. AH! why why u must killed shirley!
    she was meant to be with lelouch!

  4. Is she ever coming back?

  5. Nothing, just a reference to a great Leader speech.

  6. She has to come back..
    i have no reason to support my theory tho,
    except i think the sunrise producters understand
    they will lose major ratings with out her,
    plus shes such a dear character. And the fact that she died so suddenly means something. Though the extreme drama that they made lulu go through does make you think, And i heard they start the next ep. right off with her funeral.. so there isnt much turning back from there…
    but if the rumors are false.. and it just shows him going insane or greiving then you know she will come back..
    It depends how the following eps. Play out befor anyone can truly tell if she will come back.
    But i kno im a true luluShirley fan..
    So i may be thinking on any possibility for her revival.
    Lol and i admit im so much of a loser, mi eyes watered as i watched this episode.
    ((is the code gease series even completed yet? If not maybe some body could start a petition to bring her back.. Im sure they have some kind of… explanation to bring her back.. even if its a dumb one))
    i hope she does come back.
    i want Lulu and shirley to end up togeather and end the series happily.

  7. omg NOT SHIRLEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY all she ever did was chase love T.T but lelouch took on the whole world he was right in keeping her out of it DAMN YOU ROLO AND JEREMIAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope they make a third season just so she can come back she didnt deserve to die at all, especially not like that lelouch should have picked up that pistol and put one between rolo’s eyes.

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