The World Sinks …Except Japan

The World Sinks Except Japan (日本以外全部沉没’)

What would happen if all the continents in the world sank, leaving only Japan above water? With its tongue stuck firmly in its cheek that’s exactly what this film explores. Now the only superpower in the world, Japan is able to dictate the law. English as the global language? Not any more. Whale meat back on the menu? You bet. This is a world where 12.5 million non-Japanese refugees are homeless and Schwarzenegger is reduced to performing tricks in bars for money. This hilarious satire pokes fun at global superpowers, western traditions and foreign immigrants. And remember, it could happen!


Yasutaka Tsutsui

Yasutaka Tsutsui is a Japanese novelist, science fiction author, and actor born in Osaka. Along with Shinichi Hoshi and Sakyo Komatsu, he is one of the most famous science fiction writers in Japan. One of his first novel, “Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo“, as been adapted many times in Japan, as films, TV-series, song, manga books… and lately as a popular animated film, “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” which got a worldwide release in 2006.

The screenplay of “The World Sinks Except Japan” was based on the short novel of the same name written by Yasutaka Tsutsui, which itself was a parody of the hugely popular science-fiction novel Nippon Chinbotsu (Japan Sinks) by Sakyo Komatsu.

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2 comments on “The World Sinks …Except Japan”

  1. Who told you that English is now the global language?

    Not even the England soccer manager speaks English!

    Without bias you might like to check the possible new global language?

  2. Hi Brian. Gfanikf from Youtube affirms that. I’m just quoting.

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