The Mask of Zero

The Mask of Zorro

In 1821, the Mexican Army is on the verge of liberating its country from Spanish colonial rule. In the area of present-day California, the cruel and ruthless Spanish Governor, Don Rafael Montero is about to be overthrown by the advancing Mexican Army. In a last ditch effort to trap his arch-nemesis, the masked swordsman Zorro, Montero lays a trap by condemning three innocent men to death. Zorro arrives and begins fighting the guards, not noticing an extra contingent awaiting him on a nearby balcony. The trap is thwarted with assistance from two orphan brothers, Joaquin and Alejandro Murrieta, whereupon Zorro rewards Joaquin with a medal he is wearing. Zorro then lands in front of Montero and cuts a “Z” into his neck as a reminder to never return to California. Calling his faithful black stallion, Toronado, Zorro rides up into the sunset and waves his sword into the sky in front of the cheering populace.

4 comments on “The Mask of Zero”

  1. This is exaclty why I love Zero!
    He’s so badass, so handsome (with or without his mask!), and he’s better than Ryuho!!!!!
    ALL HAIL ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Do you know where to get the original image of Zero?

    It’s the coolest zero image I’ve seen so far

  3. lelouch sana palabas ka ulit sa tv5 papanoorin kita doon.

  4. Andale… Zero es el Zorro perfecto… Me pregunto qué pasaría si el Zorro fuera al Japón de Zero…

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