Panzer World Galient

Panzer World Galient OP

Music: “Galient World” by EUROX

Pictures in your mind
will tell you what to do.

Listen to the voice
From nowhere saying what to do.

“My Son, My World
Will soon revive.”

Panzer World Galient by Tim Eldred

The ‘real robot’ craze of the early 1980s inspired anime studios like Nippon Sunrise (now called simply ‘Sunrise’) to mash them up with every possible genre or setting. Writer/creator Ryusuke Takahashi was particularly good at this, pulling from many different tropes to construct his first two hits, Fang of the Sun Dougram and Armored Trooper Votoms, and a later one called SPT Layzner. He also crafted a little-known yet fondly remembered series that fit between the last two on that list called Panzer World Galient. It was barely a blip in the record books, but as with any Takahashi program, it stays with you forever after you’ve seen it.

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