Epic, you saw it

Comment about Heldensagen vom Kosmosinsel (Ginga Eiyu Densetsu/Legend of the Galactic Heroes)

I watched it just recently. It was literally epic.

It was incredibly believable. there were no cheap plot devices, even the terraists and the phezzan leadership were never reduced to deus ex machina “just as planned“-elements. all political, strategical and tactical decisions made by the multifaceted characters had coherent and believable consequences. It was really refreshing (and it’s quite sad that i have to use attributes like “refreshing” when talking about anime from the 80s) to see such a realistic depiction of warfare in a visual medium. There was no beamspam jesus or lightsaber swinging ubersoldiers single-handedly winning wars and weapons weren’t reduced to being mere plot devices. I could go on here.. anyway, I was really surprised. I expected a japanese star wars clone and got something so fucking epic. I won’t be able to enjoy other science-fiction anime as much after having seen this gem, but I still thank you, anonymous, for showing me the light.

Anonymous 03/25/08 @4chan

2 comments on “Epic, you saw it”

  1. There are a few battle axe wielding ubersoldiers though 🙂

    It’s awesome this anime is getting around to more people. Something that is truly epic and makes so many points on war and government. The only negative I have is that I haven’t found much new anime on even close to the same level 😦

  2. I agree. The growing number of fans is really great. For me, Logh is unique and uncomparable. CA description is truly exact : Space Opera at its finest.

    Well, the Rosen Ritter is technically an elite commando, wielding axes as the foot soldiers in the opposite side 🙂

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