Lockon Stratos no Requiem

5 comments on “Lockon Stratos no Requiem”

  1. omg, what is this!? I’m only up to episode 22, i thinkyou just ruined it for me…

  2. Why… why must this happen to Lockon… this is just stupid. His death was so devastating. I hate this. Well, most likely replacing Lockon in his mobile-suit is his twin brother Lyle Dylandy. Wonder how that will turn out.

  3. The part that made it so sad for me wasn’t the fact that he died, but the fact that he lied to Haro, and died selfishly, ignoring his partners cries. I don’t think Haro could understand death and was confused, like a small child losing it’s parent. When Feldt told Haro to find Lockon proves my point that he doesn’t understand death, or at least doesn’t understand it like we do.

  4. Lockon… Lockon…Lockon…

  5. The best charakter in Gundam 00 passed away 😦 And his 3rd class replacement Lyle simply sucks. The saddest part was when he was thinking about his family. I’d love to dowload the theme music in the background. If anyone comes up with it, please mail me: aronkenda@hotmail.com

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