Bloody Saint Princess Euphemia

Euphemia, Ευφημια, Means “to speak well“, derived from Greek ευ “good” and φημι (phemi) “to speak“.

The great martyrdom of Princess Euphemia Li Britannia

Princess Euphemia : Everyone who calls themselves Japanese : I have a request. Can you all die?

Erm…I hoped that you would all commit suicide, but is that impossible?

Then can all the soldiers please annihilate them?
It’s a massacre!
(After killing someone) Now, will all the soldiers please hurry?

“It’s all thanks to Euphemia that everything has proceeded along smoothly”

The Holy Great Martyr Euphemia the All-Praised

Holy Great Martyr Euphemia was the daughter of Christians, the senator Philophronos and Theodosia. She suffered for Christ 304 AD in the city of Chalcedon, on the banks of the Bosphorus opposite Constantinople.

Saint Euphemia
Martyrdom of St. Euphemia (Basilica of Saint Euphemia, Rovinj, Croatia)

Saint Euphemia
St. Euphemia was born in Calcedon near Constantinople into a respected upper-class family. She was given a Christian upbringing and in her town she was outstanding in virtue and beauty… During the reign of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, who forbade baptisms, she was accused because she refused to honour the town idol, and was imprisoned along with 49 other Christians.
First she was tortured in particularly cruel ways using the wheel. In spite of this she still remained faithful to Christ and steadfastly kept to her decision not to betray God. She was then thrown to the lions for her faith in the amphitheatre. The lions killed her, but they did not devour her body, to the amazement of the spectators. She was only 15 years old when she was martyred for her faith. This took place on Sept. 16th 304

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  1. Can’t listen to the 3rd Code Geass opening without crying, was such a beautiful story… and since seeing it I’ve been going around trying to learn the historical references scattered throughout it, so thank you for putting this together.

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