Frohes Neues Jahr ! Mit viel Glück !

The Concept of the Enemy

Doitsu is on the brink of extinction. BETA Aliens have crossed the Oder-Neisse Defence Line and nothing seems able to stop their invasion. The sole objective of the nightmare moonsters is the complete and utter annihilation of human civilization. Negotiations are not even an option. In the midst of apocalyptic chaos, the 666th TSF Squadron Schwarzesmarken’s unconventional tactics give a little hope to face the BETA alien threat : targeting Lux and Magnus Lux to deny their advantage of ranged firepower.

But the Enemy is not always what he seems to be. Who is he really ? The plague of mindless monsters, the treason of an hyperpoliticized ruling class mad on power, or the lure of seductive foreign (and dangerous) ideologies? And what of freedom and love ? At the end of it all, will individualism prove to be our own merciless nemesis.
And what would happen to the political leadership if it no longer possesses the will to track down the dissidents ? It would simply lose its raison d’être; it would cease to exist. And with it, soon, the State itself would decompose. It would be like surrending to the BETA invasion, a mass suicide at the scale of a nation.

Indeed, the Stasi may represent the last chance of survival for humanity.